About the German American Festival Society

American Turners - Toledo 

The American Turners - Toledo is a society with over 70 years of history. They support physical, cultural and social programs for the entire family. Boys' and girls' gymnastics are held at:

The Toledo Turner Gymnastics Building

26280 Glenwood Rd.

Perrysburg, OH 43551

(419) 873-0511


Bavarian Sports Club

The Bavarian Sports Club is the "last remaining private German clubhouse in the greater Toledo area." They came together to promote German and Bavarian culture in Toledo. While originally started by soccer players in 1930, they also have 2 dance groups, D'Holzhacker Buam Schuhplattler Gruppe and the Deutsche Volkstanz Gruppe (in partnership with the Toledo Turners), an active Ladies Auxiliary, and a Motorcycle Riding Club. Their clubhouse is located at:

2102 Lagrange St.

Toledo, OH 43608

(419) 255-6040


Bayerischer Unterstützungs Verein

Founded in 1883 to perpetuate Bavarian culture and to help its members become "loyal U.S. citizens," the Bayerischer Unterstützungs Verein brings together those who share a common heritage and assists members and their families in coping with illness and death. A resultant benefit was the social camaraderie the club provided. Through the bonds of friendship and with the welfare of its members at heart, an important part of its mission is providing members with unparalleled insurance coverage.

GBU Financial Life - District 510

Toledo Holzhacker Buam

GBU is a not-for-profit, fraternal benefit society providing life insurance and annuities (IRAs and savings plans). Members of District 510 get together for community, social, educational, and patriotic involvement. The club promotes cultural, charitable, recreational, sport, and social activities for the entire family. District 510 sponsors the Toledo Holzhacker Buam Schuhplattler Gruppe.



Schwäbischer Unterstützungs Verein

Founded in 1884, the Toledo Schwäbischer Unterstützungs Verein is dedicated to preserving the customs and traditions of Swabia (Schwaben) in southwest Germany. The Schwaben Verein sponsors three annual events: the Bockbier Fest in the spring, the Waldfest in the summer, and the Schwäbische Kirchweih in the fall.  


Teutonia Männerchor u. Damenchor 

The Teutonia Männerchor, founded in 1867 as a German men's chorus, is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of German song. It is the oldest continuing performing arts organization in the Toledo area and the oldest of the seven societies. The Damenchor, or ladies' chorus, was founded in 1969. Komm sing mit uns!  


Toledo United Swiss 

The Toledo United Swiss - the Toledo Swiss Men's and Ladies' Societies and the Toledo Swiss Singers - have joined forces to preserve the culture and music of Switzerland and unite the Swiss of Toledo in friendship.  


For more information and photos about the history of the GAF, visit: https://gafsociety.org/history